Galeria Tarnovia, Tarnów

Tarnów, Poland

Planned operational measures:

  • Boost the occupancy rate.
  • Convert temporary leases into ordinary leases on terms and conditions satisfactory to the Group.
  • Carry on additional marketing and image-building campaigns.
  • Focus on satisfying covenants in relation to centre financing.

Galeria Tarnovia is faced with a strong competitive environment in Tarnów. In an effort to upgrade the centre and bolster its competitive position, the tenant composition has been changed, which has helped increase the footfall. In addition, a cinema opened in December 2016, and several new tenants moved in, improving both revenue and footfall relative to 2015.

The favourable development has continued into 2017 with the cinema as the main contributor. The revenue index for 2017 to date is 118 relative to the same period of 2016, and the footfall index is 115.