Galeria Sandecja, Nowy Sącz

Nowy Sącz, Poland

Galeria Sandecja is a 17,500 sqm shopping center in Nowy Sącz. 

In the group of nearly 100 stores and service premises there are H&M, New Yorker, Carry, Orsay, Pako Lorente, Bytom, Olsen, Betty Barclay, Monnari, Douglas, Rossmann, Drogeria Natura, Ryłko, CCC, Deichmann, Wojas, RTV Euro AGD, Martes Sport, Apart, Swiss, Coccodrillo, 5.10.15, Kinderplaneta. Foodcourt is represented by: Telepizza, Red Hot Chicken, Fresh'N'Fast, Doner Kebab and cafes and pastry shops. 

Galeria Sandecja opened 28 October 2009.