Sillebroen, Frederikssund

Frederikssund, Denmark

Planned operational improvements:

  • To assess the derived effects of opening the cinema and proactively ensuring a good tenant mix on this basis.
  • To carry on additional marketing and image improvement campaigns after the cinema opening.
  • To conclude agreements with new tenants that can further strengthen Sillebroen and make it a natural choice to meet daily shopping needs.

The running-in and maturing phase after the opening in 2010 took longer than expected. However, 2015 saw a successful reversal of the centre’s operation, with a rebound in footfall and revenue. In 2016 the centre’s footfall index was 106 and the revenue index 98 compared to 2015.

As an important step towards increasing customer flow and strengthening revenue in the centre, an agreement was made with Nordisk Film Cinemas about the establishment of a cinema of about 1,400 m2 in the centre, and the new cinema opened in August 2016. The positive effect of the cinema opening is an important contribution to the continued optimization of the centre’s tenant mix.

Overall, the mix of tenants in the centre improved considerably in 2016, despite the closing of Fona. In addition to Nordisk Film opening a cinema, tenants such as Imerco, Søstrene Grene and Normal have also opened new retail stores in the centre.

In March 2017 Fakta closed its supermarket in the centre. Efforts are being made to attract a fitness chain to the centre to raise its appeal – and thus increasingly make Sillebroen Shopping a natural daily choice for the area’s consumers.