Sillebroen, Frederikssund

Frederikssund, Denmark

Planned operational measures:

  • Boost the occupancy rate by signing agreements with new tenants to further strengthen Sillebroen’s position as a preferred shopping destination.
  • Optimise restaurants etc.

As an important step towards attracting footfall and growing Sillebroen’s revenue, an agreement was made with Nordisk Film Cinemas on the establishment of a 1,400 sqm cinema in the centre, and the new cinema opened in August 2016. The positive effect of the cinema opening is an important contribution to the ongoing optimisation of the tenant mix.

The centre’s tenant mix improved considerably in 2016 despite the closing of the Fona store as, in addition to the new Nordisk Film cinema, Imerco, Søstrene Grene and Normal all opened outlets in the centre. However, Fakta closed its supermarket at the beginning of 2017. The closing of the Fona and Fakta stores has prevented satisfactory developments in both footfall and centre revenue. 

A lease has been signed with, which opened a fitness centre in October 2017. Management believes this addition will help attract more customers and strengthen the centre’s position as a preferred shopping destination for the area’s consumers.

In addition, efforts have been made to attract new restaurants, and Burger King opened a restaurant in the centre in late 2017.